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At Nordic Waste A/S, we are specialists in the treatment of contaminated soil and residual products from the industry, etc.

At our facility in Ølst, located between Aarhus and Randers, we receive and process the incoming products with the intention of recycling or recovering to the greatest extent possible.

We have a total area of 57 ha, a treatment plant for soil and residual products, and in addition, we operate Denmark’s largest privately owned landfill. The landfill is a recovery project where Nordic Waste in collaboration with the Region of Midtjylland models a former raw material pit back to its original starting point.

When the recovery project is completed, the area will be transferred to Randers Municipality. The area will include running and hiking routes, bike paths, campsites, a ski slope, etc. In addition, based on a request from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, 2 lakes will be made. This primarily benefits the locals in and around Ølst.

As our name also indicates, we are part of the global circular network for soil and residual products. We benefit greatly from our contacts and partners from all over Europe. Furthermore, our employees have many years of experience in handling soil, waste and residual products, as well as logistics on land and at sea.

Our mission of cleaner nature and a better society for future generations will only succeed if we are able to fulfill our customers’ wishes for circular, environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore, we constantly make strict demands for ourselves to be more sustainable and innovative.

At Nordic Waste A/S, we look forward to hearing from you – whether you are domestic or foreign customers. We will always do our best to find a solution that accommodates your needs.

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