About us

At Nordic Waste A/S we are specialists in the treatment of contaminated soil and waste materials from industry, etc.
At our facility in Ølst, located between Aarhus and Randers in Denmark, we receive and treat contaminated soil and waste fractions with a view to maximum recycling or recovery.

We have a total area of 90 hectares, a treatment plant for soil and residues and we operate Denmark’s largest privately owned soil tip. The soil tip is a recovery project where Nordic Waste A/S, in collaboration with Central Denmark Region, is modelling a former quarry back to its original starting point. When the recovery project is eventually completed, the area will appear as restored nature. However, two lakes will be created beforehand based on a request from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. The area could then be used for other environmental and sustainable purposes, or designated as a nature area for the benefit of primarily the local population in and around Ølst.

As our name suggests, we are part of the sustainable global circular network for soil and residues. We benefit greatly from our contacts and partners from all over Europe. Our employees also have many years of experience in handling soil, pollution, waste and residues, as well as land and sea logistics.

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Soil probe sampling site

Washing plant

Soil tip

Resource Centre



Our mission and vision

To receive and reprocess waste fractions with a view to recycling or recovering the waste in/for new products

To give new life to the soil

Our mission of a cleaner nature and a better society for future generations will only succeed if we are able to meet our customers’ demands for circular eco-friendly solutions. We therefore continuously set ourselves strict requirements to be more sustainable and innovative.

At Nordic Waste A/S we look forward to hearing from you – whether you are domestic or foreign customers. We will always do our best to find a solution that meets your needs.

Talk to you soon!

Board of Directors

Christian Ø. Nielsen

David York, chairman

Søren Gran

Kim Lange