The UN’s global goals

The UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development were passed by the world’s heads of state and government, at the UN summit in New York on 25 September 2015. It marked an unprecedented ambitious and transformative agenda for development. The goals came into force on 1 January 2016 and will until 2030 set the course for more sustainable development, for people and the planet we live on.

The Global Goals are 17 concrete goals and 169 sub-goals, which commit all 193 member states of the UN to completely eradicate poverty and hunger in the world, reduce inequality, ensure good education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth.

They also focus on promoting peace and security and strong institutions, and on strengthening international partnerships.

The new agenda thus recognizes that social, economic and environmental development, peace, security and international cooperation are closely connected, and that achieving sustainable development requires an integrated effort.

At Nordic Waste A/S, we are concerned with the global goals – simply because it is common sense. In our opinion, even smaller local initiatives have a significant justification, in the effort to change the global picture. We call it “local sustainability”.

Nordic Waste A/S and ”local sustainability”.

  • CO2 saving operation.
    99.5 % of the soil delivered to Nordic Waste A/S, remains in our area. The soil does not have to be re-loaded, or transported to another final destination. Compared to other competing solutions, it saves CO2 emissions.
  • Separation of waste.
    Nordic Waste A/S is a company in the environmental industry. It is natural for us to sort waste, all the way down to the office level. Therefore, we do.
  • Energy restructuring.
    Nordic Waste A/S has converted the energy supply to our office building. From oil boiler to air, to water heat pump. The cost of heating has been reduced by XX%.
  • Purification of surface water.
    Nordic Waste A/S has a total area of approx. 57 ha. Some of this is coated with solid coatings. The large areas generate a lot of rainwater, which must be drained. In Nordic Waste A/S, we do not in any way want to divert water that does not comply with the set limit values. For safety reasons, we have installed a cleaning system from H2o Nordic, which consists of a sand filter and two filters with activated carbon. The water can be recirculated in the system, whereby a high level of purification is achieved.


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