Green Team

The Green Team consists of talents from different subject area. The idea is to form a working think tank, consisting of some of the best and brightest in their field.

Currently, the Green Team consists of:

Is a graduate engineer in chemistry and is studying a master in biotechnology and chemical engineering.

Is our business developer and the head of the Green Team. Jesper holds a master in international business from Aarhus University

Is a educated journalist with experience from newspaper, radio and TV. Niels is also head of communication at Nordic Waste A/S

The idea is that the Green Team, through interdisciplinary collaboration, will challenge Nordic Waste A/S and inspire innovative and sustainable thinking to solve future environmental challenges within Nordic Waste’s field of operation.

Together, the Green Team will be innovative, creative and solution-oriented. Based in Randers Municipality and Nordic Waste’s site between Aarhus and Randers, we will help the development of new sustainable environmental solutions throughout the area. We will share our knowledge and insights with other environmental companies in the area, so that together we form a central point – a cluster for environmental companies in Randers and the surrounding area.

We are therefore also at the disposal of Randers Municipality and Randers Business Collaboration. We offer the Green Team to provide sustainable innovation and problem solutions in the field of environment and green transition, for the benefit of companies and for the benefit of the whole of Kronjylland with Randers in the centre.

Together, we will form a solid knowledge cluster that can help strengthen the area’s competences in environment and sustainability. With the support of Randers Municipality, we will therefore be the natural choice.

If anyone in our network needs to explore an issue or sees an opportunity in working with our Green Team, please contact our Business Developer Jesper Schmidt Poulsen:


Have investigated which possibilities Nordic Waste have regarding working on the remediation of Høfde 42.

Have had the responsibility of developing a new homepage for the company. Also, they had the responsiblity of creating some explanatory videos, which can be used in promotion of Nordic Waste A/S.

In this project the Green Team have taken upon them to develop a network of environment and waste companies with the purpose of enhancing the green and sustainable development in Randers Kommune. The network are on the right track and are developed in collaboration with Randers Kommune.

If your company could see itself as a part of the network, please contact business developer Jesper Schmidt Poulsen on

Arbejdet på FNs verdensmål og hvordan Nordic Waste A/S kan optimere og levere inden for FNs 17 verdensmål.

The Green Team have worked on defining the most important and relevant SDG’s for Nordic Waste A/S and how we can deliver on these SDG’s.