Terms of sale, delivery and reception for Nordic Waste A/S

1. Scope

These terms of sale, delivery and reception apply to any outstanding agreement between the parties, to the extent that there is no deviating written agreement.

2. Offers and prices

Offers are valid for 30 days from dating. Prices are excluding VAT, which is subject to change without notice. All costs for the further processing and final placement of the waste are at Nordic Waste’s expense. Raw materials are subject to the raw material tax applicable at any given time, and any applicable tariff for the state’s production remuneration.

3. Orders

Agreements are only valid when Nordic Waste has submitted a written order confirmation. In the case of fixed price agreements, Nordic Waste is only bound by the agreement to the extent that the seller has the goods in stock. If Nordic Waste is unable to deliver goods covered by the fixed price agreement, the customer may not raise a claim for compensation.

4. Quantities

Goods are settled in tons, the minimum settlement is 1 ton. Weighing and checking of both incoming and outgoing goods is, without exception, carried out on the weighbridge at Nordic Waste’s facility.

5. Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery conditions are Free on Truck at Nordic Waste. If an agreement has been reached on Nordic Waste’s delivery of the goods (Carriage Paid To), the goods will be delivered as close to the place of use, as a fully loaded truck can conveniently drive. The item is considered delivered here when it has been unloaded at the agreed upon place of reception.

6. Unloading: waste

Upon reception of waste, the front desk must be contacted, everything is registered and each load is checked, the driver confirms the origin and description of the load by signature. Any load that is not registered correctly triggers an error fee.

All traffic, including driving and unloading at Nordic Waste’s area, is at your own risk.

7. Unloading: soil

Upon reception of soil, it is assumed that there is a completed declaration form – otherwise the soil can be rejected. Soil for mapping is analyzed by an accredited laboratory. In connection with the delivery, the supplier agrees to pay all costs for disposal of the soil.

All traffic, including driving and unloading at Nordic Waste’s area, is at your own risk.

8. Reservations concerning the presence of hazardous waste in received soil.

Nordic Waste does not accept hazardous waste, which is why soil with deposits of this will be rejected/disposed of at the customer’s expense.

9. Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the payment is net cash, Nordic Waste may at any time require the customer to provide a bank guarantee or pay an account amount. For payment after the due date, interest is calculated at 1.5% per month. The basis for invoicing is weigh in and weigh out quantities, control analyzes and agreed and/or fixed unit prices.

10. Force Majeure

Nordic Waste is not liable for non-compliance due to force majeure, which includes any obstacle that the seller could not take into account when entering the transaction, including government restrictions, war, fire, earthquake, strike, lock-out, lack of means of transport, machine failure, delayed transport, weather or general shortage of goods. In the event of force majeure, the delivery time is thus postponed without liability to Nordic Waste for a period corresponding to the time the obstacle has had effect.

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